Brian Kleiber

Today I want to talk about Brian, he is a friend of mine that I did in Shanghai a few years ago, he is a shy person and doesn’t like to talk too much, but if you can break this barrier you will see how nice is this dude.

He always tells me stories about Vermont and new jersey, I always listen but I have no idea to be honest where are those places, of course, I try to check on the map and see how beautiful are those places but I never been there.

We go out all the time here in Shanghai, even for a street beer or just to talk for hours, he found a girl here also in Shanghai and her name is Kosi, they got married and now they are living together.

He has such a lot of style, he can skateboard and do some good tricks, also get recognized here since in China not so many people can skate good, so he can be advanced in that.

I don’t know when was the first time I see him be honest but probably at some Fly event, at the beginning I see him in all the events over there, but we talk not that much, but the events come more and more we start to get familiar with each one face so we start to talk more and more.

We created rad projects together here in Shanghai for skateboard scene for some crazy brands as levis, fly and other famous brands, he was always the model since in China if you consider as big eyes you are Shuai or different them a Chinese.

To be honest, he still living here because he loves his wife, but he prefers the US them here, he is too honest to say that he doesn’t feel comfortable and don’t like here too much… sorry Brian to say that hahaha

Anyway, this is a friend that I can talk for hours about bikes and skateboard since he also has a bike website that he post cool stuff about equipment and new brands called

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