Bruno Mazzuco

Today I start a series here on Instagram that I will post photos of my friends and talk about what I think or how I meet them.

I will start with one of my best friends from Brazil, his name is Bruno, I met him at the school during the  7th grade, we were pretty young at that time but with huge dreams! He is from my hometown I city called Tubarao, best city in Brazil if you never been there, you must go and check it out.

Bruno is a nice person, we move on in different paths because when I was 15 my father passed away and I move to a city called Joinville, that city I met another friend probably I will post here later and he still in Tubarao.


During the time I was in living in Brazil all the national holidays I used to go back to my hometown Tubarao and stay in his house, during that time we still had a house in Tubarão but I still prefer stay in his place, that I call home.

Since I move to China he still living there in a peaceful life and moving his dream on, now he is a construction engineering and working in a building development, it’s nice to see how well he is doing.


Every time I go back to Brazil to visit my friends, he is the first one that I go to his home and sleep there, even with my age now I still go to his house and like to stay there, I consider him as my brother and I am sure he is my brother, not from the same mother but real brother that I grow up with.  His mother I consider as my mother since in the most difficulties time of my life she was always there to support me and give me good advice that I can take for my life.

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