My friend Elliott asked me what is the purpose of my photography and my videos, that is my answer.

Whats up dude, let me see I like to be creative as always, create things that one day I got back and see the results or the things that I did in the past, so that’s why I am always creating things.

For my photography I like to improve my skills or go to the streets make photos and try to become better everyday like skateboard so that, why I am always taking photos for friends or for my self, my dream with that, is one day to be a photographer or people like the way I take my photos but the point today is that is hard to be a photographer, since you cannot get well paid and the chances to be successful is too hard, so I am not putting into my main goal, since I want to have a family and to raise a family with photography is the same as raising a family as skateboard, we love it and we want to live from that but its not the reality, photography is the same shit.

For my videos on youtube I want to improve my skills of recording editing and keep doing that, so that’s why I am always creating things and posting, I don’t need to post my things on youtube but its good to do that to get insights and inspiration from the others so I will do that as long as I can, recently I can see a huge learning curve on editing and film since I start so I just want to improve my skills and I like it, maybe one day work with that or create some projects with the skills that I learn.

Yes take money to do that, but money for me is something that I make, I invest in things that can add more to my life, like education, travel, and dream to be in all those places, I don’t use the world travel as waste of money I use it as to get more money and learn more from the places, but anyway we are here for 70-90 years so its better do as early as we can, since we sill have the energy to travel and do those crazy things.

Yes recently I went to Africa with my own money with a friend to teach football in the streets, is the same as you go out and teach skateboard to the kids, you can do that, just get your board, go out and do that, people will be rad to learn from you.

Keep creating man!

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