Fuji Rensha Cardia Byu-N16

Recently I bought a new camera in Shanghai, at the same day I decided to go out and try the camera since I was not 100% sure if the camera was working or not since the vendor told me that I can buy the camera but it is not working she would not return my money. So I went to the street even with low light to try it and was nervous to make sure if it was working, at the end I got good results at least for my self of the camera and I am happy with the results.



  1. Hi, i bought the same camera.
    I was wondering what film did you use for these photos?
    Thanks a lot 🙂


    1. Hi Gabriel,

      For this camera I used Kodak trix 400 black and white, its so good camera for fun, you definitely should try it, if you already did, please share some photos with me by instagram @theopaul I would like to see it!

      Thanks for the comments!

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