“Penguin Walk” is a must-see in winter Asahiyama

“Penguin Walk” is an icon of winter in Asahiyama Zoo. You can see the lively penguins closely! This event is so popular attracting numbers of people every day. I will introduce tips about when and where to watch Penguin Walk!

Asahiyama Zoo became famous in Japan by drawing out the natural ecology and behavior of animals and incorporating it to the “behavior display” method. Many people come to the zoo every day to see lively animals. Here are some tips on how to efficiently tour the very popular zoo with many visitors.

The northernmost zoo in Japan, Asahiyama zoo is located in the outskirts of Hokkaido Asahiyama City.

Many animals are located at the foot of the mountain to the middle area, so using the front or west gate is convenient. The west gate is closest to the middle area, however there are no free parking lots and only private paid parking lots. Also during the crowded period such as the weekends and summer holidays, it is easier to secure parking space at the east gate. Most group tours and tour busses will use the east gate.

The best time to visit the zoo is right after they open. The later you go, the harder it is to secure a parking lot close by. Also there is a higher chance to see energetic animals in the morning.

“Penguin Walk” is a must-see in winter Asahiyama

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