Street photography in Seoul

During December 2018 I went to Seoul or a day, enough to go out take some photos and have fun, I know one day is short but it was enough for us to go there and explore the city. Since the idea was not visit Korea, me and my wife were on the way to Japan so that is why we stopped there and explore.

south-korea-seoul-street-photography-0010 south-korea-seoul-street-photography-008 south-korea-seoul-street-photography-003 south-korea-seoul-street-photography-002 south-korea-seoul-street-photography-005 south-korea-seoul-street-photography-0012 south-korea-seoul-street-photography-001 south-korea-seoul-street-photography-0011 south-korea-seoul-street-photography-0016 south-korea-seoul-street-photography-0013 south-korea-seoul-street-photography-0017 south-korea-seoul-street-photography-0014 south-korea-seoul-street-photography-0015 south-korea-seoul-street-photography-0018 south-korea-seoul-street-photography-006 south-korea-seoul-street-photography-009 south-korea-seoul-street-photography-007 south-korea-seoul-street-photography-004

A short video from our trip to Seoul!

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